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Support tickets

Support for normal website use is offered free of charge to Infradox XS clients. You can create a support ticket on xpertise.zendesk.com or you can send an e-mail to support@infradox.com.

Depending on your Service Level Agreement, you can call +31 20 5287787 during office hours (9:00-18:00 GMT+1) if there are urgent problems, and you can send messages to our support phone number outside of office hours (number available only to clients with SLA+ agreements).


Sometimes exchanging e-mails or reading support articles just doesn’t cut it. With Skype screen sharing we can show you what to do – using your own website. Or you can show us what you are doing when you run into problems. Skype screen sharing is of course also perfect for online training. If you want to set up a Skype meeting, then contact us to tell us what you would like support with. Note that we may charge for Skype training or support sessions.

At Xpertise

Fancy a trip to Amsterdam? You’re welcome in our offices for a support session. Please do set up an appointment well ahead of time. If you want to come over for a training session then contact us for a costs specification and timings.

On Site

We offer support and training on your premises or any suitable location of your choice. Costs will depend on your requirements, location and the number of people that will attend. For support and training outside of The Netherlands we will charge for travel and lodging expenses on top of the normal fees.

Developer support

Support is available for normal website use to Infradox clients. If you have contracted a 3rd party to work on your website, then we will provide support to them via xpertise.zendesk.com exclusively – which means that they must create an account on our support website. We will point 3rd parties in the right direction by providing links to knowledge base articles that will answer most questions. Further-going support for 3rd parties requires a separate Developer support agreement.

Knowledge base

Our knowledge base is regularly updated and new articles are frequently added. The answers to most support questions that we receive can be found in the knowledge base articles on this website. The knowledge base has articles for admins, staff members and developers. Please search our knowledge base before you create a support ticket.


We are available to implement your design or to work on further-going customizations, new developments and so on. We generally work on a fixed-price basis so that you will know your costs beforehand. To be able to give you a cost indication, we do need detailed specifications and/or web designs.

Feature requests

We maintain a list of features that are requested by Infradox XS clients, and we try to include as many requests as possible with each version update. The number of users requesting the same feature is a factor when taking requests into consideration – and when prioritizing requests.  If you would like to submit a feature request or if you have other suggestions, then please create a support ticket on xpertise.zendesk.com or send an e-mail to support@infradox.com.