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The Infradox platform

The Infradox platform is the most complete and most competitive online solution to manage, protect and monetize photo and video archives of any size. Our solutions are used by commercial press and stock photo/video libraries, publishers and photo communities, as well as global brands and organizations in other industries. Simple enough to get you up and running quickly, powerful enough to adapt to the most demanding requirements.

The Infradox platform guarantees professional, modern looking client facing websites, as well as the most extensive back office solution – with automated file ingestion, AI keywording, metadata translations and distribution workflows. Fully integrated, constantly updated with new features and improvements. All versions are available with Public or Private, and Commercial and Non-commercial licences. You will not find a more complete solution priced this competitively.

Managed solutions for picture and video libraries

We offer one-stop managed hosting solutions with a single point of contact for almost everything related to your website. Your web solution is mission critical, which is why we have partnered with Interxion who operate over 40 state of the art facilities across Europe. The Infradox platform runs on privately owned hardware in our data center, designed from the ground up to meet the most demanding requirements. And, it easily integrates with 3rd party solutions for storage, file distribution, aggregate search and live connections. We are confident that we have a version to suit your needs, size and budget.

Infradox versions

Do you have a digital assets archive but no staff, time or expertise to manage it?
We offer complete library management solutions.

Looking for a solution to pay royalties to your contributors?

Not looking for a new photo library website, but looking for a solution to keep track of sales and to pay royalties to your agents, photographers and other contributors? We can help with a low cost web based solution that lets you easily import sales files from your agents/distributors. The system will take care of payment runs and creating self-billing invoices for your contributors. Your contributors can even have access to view and download all data available to them. We have experience with data migrations from other solutions. Unlike our competitors, we have no tie-in or long-term contracts, and we can have your solution up and running quickly. Read A web solution for managing sales, royalty payments and self-billing invoices for more information.

Web solutions for photographers

Infradox XP is an all-in managed hosting solution for professional photographers who need more than just a portfolio website. XP lets you back up all your high res files – not just the ones you want showing on the web. It lets you automatically distribute files to agents, and it helps you manage your finances, deliver files to end users and much more. No time to deal with file requests, billing, organizing or keywording your files? We can help!

Your success is our priority!

Without the support of a dedicated and specialised team, you’re only halfway there. We have developed our business by helping our clients build theirs. From day one, we have been concentrating our efforts on maintaining the highest level of services. Change is the one thing we know is constant. The Infradox platform was developed to evolve and adapt as requirements change. We appreciate every customer’s unique requirements, and we therefore provide both standard and tailor-made hosting- and service level agreements.

Why choose Infradox

Infradox XS is the platform of choice for commercial stock photo/video libraries, as well as for other organisations not in the business of selling/licencing content. For example Government, Culture, Publishing, Newspapers, NGO/NPO’s and so on.
The Infradox platform is also suitable for photo communities, including functions such as “following”, “liking” and leaving “photo comments”.
We are known for low costs, short time-to-market, excellent support, a proven track record, and for being a reliable and specialised business partner.

Standardised and entirely web based, built for – and with – picture libraries and photographers, suitable for DAM, support for video and other files, advanced functions for clients and staff members, regular free updates, state-of-the-art technology, open API architecture, lightning fast caching, years of experience, well documented, workflow and ingestion automation, completely customisable, professional hosting, built on industry standards to evolve and scale, open, secure, fast, solid – and competitively priced.

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