Contributor registration

Infradox XS websites can be configured to support contributor registration.

Recommended reading

Configuring the registration form

You can configure the registration form via Site configuration, Website forms.

First you may want to set up the labels for the contributor registration form, i.e. you can change which fields appear and are required or not depending on how a user registers.
There are 10 custom fields that you can find in the section User account labels.

When you are done, save the labels and then open the section Registration form.

In the dropdown box at the top, choose “Enable contributor registration”.
This will enable a radio button on the normal registration page which lets a new user choose how he/she wants to register.
There are however also separate URL’s that you can use:

/register/0/user – for the normal client registration page
/register/1/contributor – for the contributor registration page

You can now configure which standard and which custom fields you want to use on the different types of registration forms. And whether or not those fields are required.

Each field has the following radio buttons:

  • No – select to hide the field
  • Optional – the field will appear but input is not required
  • Required – the field will appear and input is required

Note that if you are using custom fields and the label for a field ends with a question mark (?), then the input will appear as a Yes / No radio button instead of a text box.

Automatically creating supplier records for contributors

If you want to automatically create a supplier record for everyone who registers as a contributor, you must first create a supplier group to which all new suppliers that register online will be added. Go to Supplier management and create a group. On the tab sheet “Contributor defaults”, configure what the new suppliers are allowed to do. For example, you can allow them to immediately upload files and you can limit the number of files they may upload and so on.

After saving the Supplier group, go to Site configuration, New user defaults.
Check the box Automatically create a supplier record for users who register as a contributor and in the dropdown, select the Supplier group that you have created in the previous step.

Activation e-mails

New users receive an e-mail with a link that must be used to confirm registration and to activate the new account.
The standard e-mail template is activation.txt, the template that is used to send activation links to contributors is actionvationcontributors.txt.
You can change these templates as required: Site configuration, e-mail templates.

Important: If a user has registered as a contributor, then a supplier/contributor record is automatically created and linked to the user account when the user activates his/her account with the link in the activation e-mail.

Creating accounts from the user management pages

If you add user accounts via the user management pages, then you’ll have to manually link the user account to a supplier/contributor account. To do this, open the user properties and click on the tab “Contributor”. If the account is not linked to a contributor, you’ll see a button “Link to supplier”. Click this button to look up a supplier you’ve already added or click on the “Add new supplier” link at the bottom of the look up box to create one now.

Trouble shooting the activation process

Activation links are not sent if you manually add user accounts via user management, or if the user account is already enabled. If you want the user to activate the account with a link (so that the contributor record is automatically created and linked), then you can use the link “Send activation e-mail” in the user properties dialog. Make sure that the account is not enabled if you do this, and do not enable the account manually after you’ve used this function.