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If you post a contact us form, a quote request form or any other form on this website, then the information that you enter is sent to our e-mail so that we can get back to you. We do not store any of the information you send us in a database, we do keep the e-mails. If you want us to remove any information we have about you then send an e-mail to

Xpertise-ICT BV / Infradox clients

If you are a client of Xpertise-ICT BV then we will have the details on file that you provided us with for the purpose of creating a managed hosting agreement, to know where to send invoices for our services, and who the primary contact for technical matters is. If you want to know which information we have on file about your business then send an e-mail to

With regards to the website that we host and maintain for you:

1) If Xpertise finds out about unauthorised access to your website and/or data, Xpertise will immediately notify you of such an event so that you can take the necessary actions.
2) The sysadmin account of Infradox websites (which we use to log in to make changes for you) is protected with both a password and a double log in procedure requiring a pin code.
3) The superadmin account of Infradox websites is protected with both a password and a double log in procedure requiring a pin code.
4) Infradox websites allow a user account to be logged in from a single computer at a time only, for additional security.
5) Our data center runs firewalls to protect your data.
6) Our servers have anti virus software installed.
7) Our servers have intrusion-detection software installed.
8) Our servers have software installed to automatically deny access from IP addresses if marked as suspicious/malicious.
9) We make backups of your database so that we can restore databases in case of failures.
10) We do not make any information about your business, your data or your files available to 3rd parties without your written consent.
11) We delete all your files and your database from our servers within 3 months after the managed hosting agreement between you and us has ended. If you want us to send you your files or database data, then you will need to request this in writing at the latest 2 months after the agreement has ended.

Note that you – as an Xpertise-ICT BV/Infradox client – are required to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations and that Xpertise-ICT BV is not responsible for you doing so. Please read the following article: General Data Protection Regulation.


We use zendesk for support and change requests. To be able to use zendesk you’ll need to create an account on have their own privacy policy which you can find here:

If you want us to delete all the tickets that you have created on then send an e-mail to

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