>>Rule based royalties percentages

Rule based royalties percentages

This article explains how you can apply royalties percentages based on values in the metadata. For Infradox Flex 32.9 or later.

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How to work with Royalties rules

By default, the royalties percentage is determined by the value that you have configured for the supplier or the supplier group (Supplier management).

The percentage is applied to the invoice detail
1) when you create an invoice from an order or
2) when you add a file to an invoice.
Note that the percentage can be changed manually for each invoice detail. Changes that you make to either the supplier’s percentage via Supplier management or to your “Royalties based rules” do not affect invoices that are already created.

If you want to apply different percentages based on values in the metadata, then this is possible by creating “Royalties rules” in Site configuration. You can create an unlimited number of rules, and such rules will be processed for content in your own database only (rules are not processed for invoice details for 3rd party API files).

If no rule is matched, then the default royalties percentage (as configured for the supplier or his/her group) is applied.

It is recommended to test for unique values as the values that you enter for your rules are not case-sensitive, and the values are partially matched (unless you select the “Use value found in field” option which is explained further down). I.e. the system will check if a value exists in the configured field. For example, if the rule checks for the text “exclusive” in “custom 1”, that rule will also match if field “custom 1” has the text “non-exclusive” because both values have “exclusive” in the text.
Therefor it is best to set up a metadata processing rule to create unique filter codes, and to then have the “royalties rules” check for these codes in the “Filters” metadata field.

If you use the “Use value found in field” option, then the value that is entered in the configured metadata field will be used as the percentage. This lets you create a rule to apply a royalty percentage using values that are stored in the metadata. For example, if custom 10 has the number 40, then use that as the royalty percentage (this option was added in version 32.19).

Note that the “Royalties rules” are processed in alphabetical order (ordered ascending by the “Rule name”). More than one rule may apply – in which case the last rule that is processed will determine the final percentage to apply.

To add or change a rule, go to Site configuration and click on the “Royalties rules” icon (you can type “royalties” in the search box at the top to filter for relevant icons only). Click on “Add rule” in the toolbar to create a new rule. Select a field in the dropdown and enter a value to look for in the selected field. If you don’t enter a rule name then a name will be generated automatically (note that rule names are important because of the order in which rules are being processed). Finally enter a percentage and click Save.
To edit or to delete a rule, use the links in the right most column of the list.




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