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Verifying your domain for Google/Gmail for domains

This article explains how you can configure your domain for Google for domains.

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Upload an HTML file

Uploading an HTML file to your domain’s web server is one way to verify domain ownership and activate Google Apps for your domain. This requires that you have access to the server and can upload files to it.  In this case Xpertise can do this for you, simply open a ticket and send us the HTML file that the verification form supplies you with. We will upload it to the ROOT directory of your server.

Generate and upload the HTML file

  1. Sign up for Google Apps and follow the instructions that appear to verify domain ownership. When prompted, choose Upload an HTML file from the verification options.
  2. Follow the instructions that appear next to generate a file named googlehostedservice.html that contains a special text string, supplied by Google. Depending on the instructions, Google either creates the file for you or shows you how to create it yourself.
  3. Open a ticket at zendesk and ask Xpertise to upload the file for you to the ROOT of your website.

Make sure it worked

When support replied to your ticket confirming the request:

  1. Open any browser window.
  2. Go to the address of the uploaded file on your website. This is your site’s URL including the file name, as in http://www.your_domain.com/googlehostedservice.html. (Be sure to replace www.your_domain.com with your actual domain name.) Also be sure to use the WWW. prefix with your domain. (some domains may be configured to redirect when there is no prefix and hence your verification will fail)

If the file uploaded correctly, you’ll see the string of characters that you uploaded in your browser.

Complete domain verification

  1. Return to the verification instructions in your Google Apps control panel.
  2. Click the I’ve completed the steps above button. This prompts Google to check for this HTML file at the same address you viewed it, above. Once they find the file, they will activate service for your domain.
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